proscenic T21 Oil – Free Fryer , 5.5L Air Fryer , App and Alexa Compatible , WIFI Oil – Free Fryer , Combination Function , Spanish Recipes Online , PFOA – Free , LED Touch Screen , 1700W

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proscenic T21 Oil – Free Fryer , 5.5L Air Fryer , App and Alexa Compatible , WIFI Oil – Free Fryer , Combination Function , Spanish Recipes Online , PFOA – Free , LED Touch Screen , 1700proscenic T21 Oil – Free Fryer , 5.5L Air Fryer , App and Alexa Compatible , WIFI Oil – Free Fryer , Combination Function , Spanish Recipes Online , PFOA – Free , LED Touch Screen , 1700WW

8 reviews for proscenic T21 Oil – Free Fryer , 5.5L Air Fryer , App and Alexa Compatible , WIFI Oil – Free Fryer , Combination Function , Spanish Recipes Online , PFOA – Free , LED Touch Screen , 1700W

  1. Matty-Matt

    Love this Air Fryer!
    Bought another brand before buying this one a while back when the Air Fryer craze was happening for my mom. Eventually used it years later and decided I wanted one… Specifically looking to reheat food. So I wanted one with a window so I could peep inside without having to open it and it would help prevent me from burning it while reheating. This unit hit all of the things that I was mainly looking for which included a window, drawing 1500 watts (wanted that ability for it to hit that power draw because I would be able to assume the electronics and wiring were top-notch to handle that amount of power and the heat up time would be excellent), internal light, preheat function, and for it to be a big unit for lots of food at once.

    Got the unit and fell in love with it. Doesn’t have an unpleasant smell from the first time you turn it on. Does recommend that you run it for 15 min and then wash the basket. The non-stick basket is surpurb! I’ll be honest there have been times were I heated food and didn’t immediately rinse or wash the unit and the next day run some water over it and rinses right off. Note that when I wash it I don’t use the abrasive side of our sponge to clean the unit to prevent the likelihood of the coating from peeling.

    The unit heats up to the targeted temp in ~3 min.
    Evenly heats all food which is awesome when you have a lot in there!

    All in all this unit is awesome for my use case and would imagine cooking in this unit would be superb! I mainly put pre-cooked foods in here like fries, nuggets, frozen breakfast sandwiches, hot pockets, etc. It handles all of it like a champ! A little tip if you get this unit and are looking to reheat food my go-to temp is always 340 degrees F put some refrigerated fries in there or fast food fries turn the light on and peep through the window and wait for the fries to start showing some oils on top and then take them out! Always fully heated with this unit with that method no preheating is required. Note: that if you ever use the preheat function that once it finishes it will beep and then turn the unit off. It doesn’t keep the unit on for very long after, as a safety feature in case you forget the unit running. The same thing goes for if you pause the unit after about maybe 20 to 30 min it will power down as a safety feature for us forgetful folks.
    Another note is the beeps can’t be muted as far as I can find within the instruction or the site… It doesn’t make you want to slam your head into the unit driving you crazy nor is it obnoxiously loud but it would be nice if you could mute the unit for a late-night snack where you’re trying to be extra stealthy

    Edit: Forgot to mention this unit really doesn’t get hot on the sides, the back, or the bottom of the unit. So you don’t have to buy heat resistant mats to place the air fryer on like I thought I would/ did. However they are useful for placing the hot basket onto rather than putting them on your counter top. AIEVE Heat Resistant Mat for Air Fryer is the name of the ones I picked up on Amazon.

    Warranty and customer support are awesome! Ended up having some weird edge case with this unit that was never reported by any other customer. They took care of the issue by sending out another unit. Was expecting to send the unit in for them to look over it and send it back but they sent a new unit instead of shipping a unit back and forth. Assume it’s for cost savings plus customer service. Oh, and to get the fully 5-year warranty

  2. brianna

    I don’t typically write reviews unless I’m either really disappointed or really impressed with a product. I did some research on several brands of air fryers before deciding to take a leap of faith on this one (mostly because of the great reviews and sale price) i have no regrets. I’ve had this thing 3 days and I’ve used it for pretty much every meal as we are trying to conserve our supply of propane due to the increased price of everything under the son. I first tested out shoestring fries and they turned out perfectly crispy. Next I made seasoned chicken thighs and will say that 22 minutes is too long- I would start with 15 and check them. But the flavor and crisp was great. This morning I made my husband an egg omelette and crispy home fries and he said it turned out great! Additionally this this is SO easy to clean. The entire basket is nonstick and the grate is easily removable so you can clean underneath it. The touchscreen top takes a bit of getting used to but once you figure out the settings it’s easy to navigate. I read a couple of reviews that complained of a burnt plastic smell- I did not have a problem with that at all. I rinsed the inside with soap and water before the first use and had no issues. A few of the best features of this thing are 1: there’s an internal light so you can see the food without having to pull out the basket. 2: there’s a button on the handle that you have to press to release the basket which is a good safety feature for anyone with kids to avoid accidental burns related to curiosity and 3: it’s lightweight and doesn’t get hot externally! The outside of the basket is very slightly warm to touch but the rest of the fryer is cool as a cucumber. This is easily movable and fits nicely in my cabinet for storage but also has a large capacity for larger meals. I felt as though most of the fryers I looked at had a limited basket size which would not allow you to make enough food for more than a couple people. I am very impressed with this air fryer and highly recommend it. Definitely a great value for the money you spend on it!

  3. Mariah Schenck

    I do not usually write reviews, but I want to encourage everyone that is thinking about whether or not to purchase this, to go ahead and add to cart and push purchase. The window alone is a life saver. It gives me the ability to ensure that things do not overcook and also allows me to know if things need to cook longer without having to open the drawer to check. I also love that exactly half way through cooking, the air fryer will give a message to “shake” the food and will continue to cook once you “shake” or “flip” the food without having to reset time/temp. The best part?? My boyfriend knows how to use it and is cooking his own stuff in it now compared to my crappy old one. I love the touch screen, love that I can use it as a dehydrator too (and the other functions I’m excited to try soon too!). With that, again, I assure you that your purchase will be worth it.

    Ps: my favorite things to air fry are filled wontons. I made pizza wontons, cheese wontons, and used my fresh picked berries to make a filling as a dessert wonton (see pictures for my creation!). Air fryer food ideas are unlimited and provide the ability for you to be creative. CHEERS!

  4. Don Kirkpatrick

    First of all, I’m one of those people that reads a ton of product reviews before I buy something, but seldom do I actually write a review. This product deserves me to break that pattern. I really can’t express how impressed I am with the Dreo 6.8qt airfryer.

    My purchase was really based on the product reviews. Almost everyone gave it a 5star rating. Almost everyone raved about the Dreo. I started out wanting buy Cosori, Ninja or Instant pot Vortex plus, but all these so called best got mixed reviews at best. I just couldn’t pull the trigger so I kept looking. .

    Glad I did. I think this product offers the best overall features of any of them. Let me make a comment on a lot of the things that I continue to read about the Cosori, Ninja, or Instant Pot Vortex Plus

    Warranty- They offer a possible 1 yr warranty at the best, and I keep reading they don’t hold up with use. The Dreo must have total confidence in their product cause they offer a unheard of 5yr warranty. 5 yrs!!!

    Plastic smelling food – I continue to see a lot of these products still have Plastic smell and taste after multiple uses. After running the 15 min breakin empty run- NO plastic smell or taste. None!

    Size – I keep reading even the 5..8 Cosori and instant pot Vortex and the larger Ninja 5.5qt are very limiting in how much you can cook at a time. Who wants to cook in stages? the 6.8qt Dreo is really large, but doesn’t take up more room on the counter. Can cook family portions.

    Cooking Window- No window on the competitors, but Dreo offers this in the 6.8qt. Can’t tell you how much of a great feature to be able it view your food in the fryer instantly while it cooks.

    Controls and Display- All the brands offer similar functionality with presets and Dreo follows suite on that, but all Controls Screens are on top for easy operation on the Dreo. Being a tall person, it’s a nuisance to have to bend down to see and manipulate a lot of these brands.

    Cleanup- I keep reading that many of these so called top brands continue to have issues with the no stick surface peeling off. No such issues w the Dreo. And even if you did, you have a 5yr warranty there.

    Overall- when you look at the tale of the tape, it’s The Dreo 6.8qt by a mile. If you’ve never owned an Airfryer, buy one! They are just fabulous. If you want the best – Buy the Dreo 6.8 qt. You will not be sorry!!!

  5. Zionaka

    This surpassed my expectations. I researched this long and hard… Written reviews and many youtube reviews…. This airfryer has it all for me. Programs easy to navigate through, beautifully cooked food. So far I’ve cooked chicken tenders from scratch, dipped in egg and seasoned flour, I over filled the basket but still tasty. Fries good, lamb chop… Devine, best salmon fillers and tuna steaks I’ve ever tasted. Omlett for breakfast were perfection, and tonight I did vegetables… They were perfect. I’m a happy shopper and may never use my stove again. Yummy food and I see so many options as I learn the full potential of my Dreo. Tip… Always preheat… And I’m gonna buy the liners to minimize clean up.

  6. Ruth N.

    I was a bit hesitant to buy a brand I had never heard of, when Power XL is so widely advertized. Everyone I know has the Power XL. I read reviews and decided to try the Dreo, and WOW – I’m very impressed. First, I thought perhaps from others’ reactions, that I bought one that was too large, being it’s just my mother and I. But no, I’m very happy with the size. It takes up less space width wise than my toaster oven did. I’ve used it more in the week I’ve had it than my toaster oven in the past month. We love meat done in it. We’ve done hot dogs, fish fillets and pork chops so far. Tater tots are awesome in this! Clean up has been superb and I hate clean up. I cook only because I have to eat, so easy things in prep and clean up are important to me. Overall, I’m very impressed. I’m going to try steaks on Easter Sunday. I’m just me and my elderly mom, but I’m still glad I got this bigger one compared to the 5 qt name brand one. I really love this and it’s very eye appealing in my kitchen, although that doesn’t really matter to me much. I also loved the 5 year warranty – I didn’t see another one that long in any brand. Shipping packaging was amazing as noted by another reviewer here. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed at all.

    Update: April 18, 2022 I’m still amazed with this product after 2 weeks. I wanted to share a great cleaning tip for everyone. If you aren’t in a hurry to clean, and most people aren’t, fill your hopper with the grate in it, with hot soapy water. Come morning or much later when the water has cooled, the fat will be sitting on the top in chunks and you can scoop it out with a slotted spoon and put into your garbage. Add fresh hot/warm water and soap and whaalaa – in about 2 minutes it’s clean and without putting grease down your drain or getting it on your hands and cleaning utensil! We did our steaks for Easter Sunday – they were great! Enjoy, enjoy!

  7. Vinh V. Tran

    This is a great Air Fryer. I love that I can see the food while it is cooking. Clean-up is fast and easy, eliminating messy grease spattering from chicken thighs, hamburgers & broiled salmon! Just those 3 treats have made the machine pay for itself. And, of course it eliminates the dreaded broiler pan! The supplied recipe book provides some great ideas, and a great understanding of the timings needed for various kinds of food. I think this Air Fryer is a great product, my only complaint is that I’d like the light to stay on while cooking, it turns off after a minute or two after I press the light button. Its a great investment, and worth every penny.

  8. Heather

    I had an air fryer that I purchased about 6 years ago. I was shopping around and came across this jewel!!! I am amazed at how easy this is to use and how easy it is to clean!! My last one was a pain to clean and the scrubbing was never ending. With this air fryer the cleaning is basically warm water and a little soap and minimal scrubbing!!! I would recommend this air fryer to everyone! Actually I have talked about it non stop since I purchased it!! It even has a light so you can see your food cooking!

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