Portable Closet Clothes Wardrobe Plastic Bedroom Armoire, Quickly Assembly Clothes Closet,8 Lattice Plastic Portable Wardrobe Organizer,14″x20″ Depth Storage White (8 Grid)

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Installation-free wardrobe: QuickFold technology, utilize multi-module integrated folding design structure to achieve rapid expansion and folding effect, 3-minute sequential assembly, bid farewell to complex steps. Easy storage in three steps,good partner for renting, say goodbye to disposable wardrobe.


Large capacity multiple storage: The total size is 53.5″H x 27.2″W x 19.7″D. 50cm deepened cabinet, compared with ordinary wardrobes, the space is larger, large pieces of clothing are stored, not easy to squeeze out of shape.Great to save space and store clothes, bags, books, toys.It can be put in the kitchen,used to store pot, bowl, plate and so on.


Super load-bearing: the top of the wardrobe can also store, stable and durable. single cube can hold up to 40lb,Don’t worry about the deformation of the wardrobe caused by too much things. Fill it up as much as you can!


High appearance power faction:Exclusive M-shaped cabinet door design, bright surface + frosted double material, simple and clean color, purify your eyes. Strengthen the double-layer door panel, strengthen thickening without deformation, strong magnetic self-priming cabinet door, strengthen the tightness of the wardrobe. Dust proof treatment on the surface of the door panel can reduce dust adsorption.


The best choice: zero formaldehyde, healthy and environmentally friendly, PP material cabinet, safe and non-toxic, more assured. More specifications to meet the needs of multiple scenarios, the best storage choice for the younger generation. Lazy storage born from simple

7 reviews for Portable Closet Clothes Wardrobe Plastic Bedroom Armoire, Quickly Assembly Clothes Closet,8 Lattice Plastic Portable Wardrobe Organizer,14″x20″ Depth Storage White (8 Grid)

  1. Jesse S

    Received this in two deliveries a day apart. The company emailed me to let me know this and provided tracking numbers that worked! The wardrobe is perfect. Set it up in an hour with easy to follow instructions included. Great product, very sturdy with or without wheels. It comes with pads and wheels so your choice how you want to use it! Highly recommended for those with very little closet space. 5 stars for service and product.

  2. Don Kirkpatrick

    First of all, the clothing rack and cover both came much sooner than expected and packaged well! The assembly was a little difficult, but not the worst, taking around 45 minutes. It’s holding up all of my dresses, rompers and jumpsuits (so a good amount of weight) along with tote/duffel bags on the shelves. The cover seems to be of good quality and fits the rack snuggly. Overall, I’m really happy with it!

  3. Marcelo

    Una buena compra, buen material y con robustez suficiente para colgar ropa, colocar zapatos, etc.

  4. Zionaka

    This rack is not sturdy. It comes with pieces to make it sturdy but I bought it so that I wouldn’t have to drill anymore holes in my walls. So I didn’t even intertwine that feature. Fairly easy to put together. I put it together by myself in like an hour once I got the hang of the stacking. I chose to use the wheels but there is another option. Over all its fine just wish it was more sturdy.

  5. Justin M. Small

    This is one of those things that are a lifesaver for my bedroom for example, does not have closets and I have a gigantic wardrobe.
    This item is extremely strong and can hold an amazing amount of clothing and you could even adjust the shelves as you build it.
    If you have a lot of ceiling space such as I have 10 foot ceilings in my bedroom, you can certainly stack many Rows of clothing on the top shelf.
    I was upset at first thinking I could not figure out how to put it together. By taking one look at the photograph on the box. You can definitely get a visual of how to put it together if you are more of a visual learner , the instructions are very hard so I suggest taking a good look at the pictures and looking at them online resources because this product is definitely worth it.

  6. Biraj Parikh

    I love this product. It all started with getting my teens clothes together. We don’t have closets. After figuring out how to put it together it went with ease. I loved it so much I just purchased another. And I may come back for more. Very sturdy. So much room. Really love it. Must have for anyone wanting to get their rooms together. Fast delivery on both orders. Thank you

  7. Themla

    This is itam very good 🥰

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