Nouhaus Module, Sleeper Sofa Bed Couch. 7ft Luxury Convertible Sofa Futon Bed with No Roll Together Latex. Grey Woven Pull Out Couch Bed for Bedroom Couch, Small Apartment Furniture Sofas or RV Couch

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With a futon sofa bed there’s no more fighting with space. But with a Nouhaus ‘Module’ Pull Out Bed there’s no more fighting discomfort or settling on design, because we took the popular and comfy mid-century living room couch and merged it with a proper mattress that feels as good as it looks.

Breathable, Supportive Latex Mattress: No more unforgiving foam, hard cross bars and squeaky springs. Because The Module folding couch is “Sofa by Day, Best Sleep Ever by Night”. It conforms without swallowing your body, supports like a hug, lets you sleep on the edge and blocks roll together!

Why can’t you have a luxury sofa bed in your tiny home, apartment, RV, office or bedroom too? Let other people settle for unforgiving futons or a short loveseat sofa, because this 86” x 37 to 56” (sofa to bed) sleeper fits most compact spaces. Measure up your space now and see how it fits yours.

Forget about complicated set ups, and hardware that grabs your fingers because the Nouhaus Module will turn into a bed in 3-steps. And one of those steps is throwing the cushions off, that’s how easy it is. When yours arrives, attach the legs (instructions included) to make it a sofa. And lounge back in style.

While you’ve definitely seen this modern sofa before, this is the first time you’ve seen it in such a versatile sleeper couch design! Available in your choice of color and fabric, so take a look at the range, and see which Module matches your vibe best. Become a fancier couch potato, with Nouhaus

4 reviews for Nouhaus Module, Sleeper Sofa Bed Couch. 7ft Luxury Convertible Sofa Futon Bed with No Roll Together Latex. Grey Woven Pull Out Couch Bed for Bedroom Couch, Small Apartment Furniture Sofas or RV Couch

  1. admin

    100% Trusted website. Very good refund my money and take delivery to 11 day’s but the sofa is so much good.

  2. Fangution

    I looked for a deep/oversized sofa like this for months. The color is a perfect shade of cream that doesn’t take on a beigey/tan tone. True cream which I love. Looks like a big marshmallow and super comfortable.

    The seats are SUPER oversized/deep. Measuring 27” from the back cushions to the edge. I’m 5’1” and when I sit fully against the back with my legs out, it almost hits at the ankle. That’s how deep I’m talking.

    The arms are also wide enough and flat enough to put your computer while working from home or a cup/plate if you eat/drink while on the couch. The arm is about 7.5” wide.

    Delivery was fairly easy. I chose a Tuesday delivery and the company called the Wednesday prior that they could deliver the next day so arrived faster than anticipated. Unfortunately due to COVID the delivery men could not come into the apartment so they pushed it through the door. I had to take it out of the box and attached the legs, but that was the only assembly.

    Overall very happy with this purchase. Have only had for one week but so far so good! No complaints.

  3. North je

    Seems very sturdy so far. I’m 6’3″ and weigh 340lbs right now, so I wanted something that was strong and offered enough support. My last couch (love seat actually) was several years old and fairly inexpensive, so it ended up breaking under my weight. It was not very solid at all. This one feels so much more solid- seems to be real wood construction and not that press wood product, but I did not take anything off to check, so I am not 100% sure.

    The cushions are removable and reversible, which is good in case, over time, they lose their form. The stuffing seems solid after two weeks. It seems to be down stuffing from the sound it makes. It’s very soft, and you can push it around to see creases in the pillows, which tells me it’s not a solid stuffing piece inside. This is good, as you can fluff it up, as it were when you sit on it too long. Or, I like to sit on the left hand side then rotate the left and right cushions after a few days. If you needed, you could totally find cushions the same size if, for any reason, they lost their shape or form or anything over time. They are completely removable in that manner.

    The color is nice, and I like the shape. It is very boxy. The armrests are very square to the seat itself. It’s nice and your arm fits nicely there without any discomfort or awkward movements. The distance from the cushions to the top of the armrests is great in that way. I’m able to sit comfortably upright. I do wish the couch was taller. I use an ottoman from another couch with this, and it helps because the back is pretty low so sitting upright with your feet on the ground is awkward because it’s so low to the ground. I can easily slide toward the front of the cushion with my butt and sort of lie/sit in it nicely. I do have to put a big pillow behind the back cushion against the wall, as your head would be on the wall itself which is awkward due to the low nature of the back cushions. A higher back cushion would be so much better for me being 6’3″.

    It’s a loveseat but each of the two seats is really well sized and easily big enough for two adults. I am not small by any stretch of the imagination, and someone could easily sit next to me and also be nowhere near me. It looks like each cushion is around 28.5″ wide. The way the cushions sit on the couch, there are not super tight-fitting together- that is, there is a small gap between the two giving a bit more room between two people.

    Sleeping on this would be awkward. I mean, at my height, my legs would be over the sides no matter what, but you’d need good head support pushed between the armrest and the cushion you sit on in that the frame is so boxy and angular that way. Your neck would be killing you without good support. Honestly, the cushions you sit on are so long, I can slide my body down far enough to half-sit/half-lie to the point I have fallen asleep in that position numerous times. (Cushions look to be 27.5″ long from the back cushion to the front of the cushion…they are longer than this, but some of the bottom cushions hold the back cushions into place, so you lose a couple inches.) I will note that I use a large ottoman that is around the same height as the cushions you sit on, and this makes this way more comfortable for me. If you were shorter, you might not need this, but because the loveseat is so low to the ground, being as tall as I am, it’s super awkward to sit on it for long periods. With the ottoman, and with my legs outstretched, it works perfectly.

    I love it so far. Much better than my old couch. Good size, solid construction, it looks nice, and it’s very comfortable thus far.

  4. Ustara Utni


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