Makita DGA454Z LXT Brushless 18 V Angle Grinder Bare Unit, 115 mm

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Product Description

Cordless angle grinders powered by 18V Li-ion battery, and equipped with highly enhanced Brushless DC motor. A built-in controller changes the cutting speed automatically according to load condition, enabling users to obtain high speed rotation on light duty application/ high torque on heavy duty application. User Benefits: Constant speed under load; high power motor; anti-restart function; soft start feature; battery fuel gauge; rubberised soft grip; electronic current limiter for overload protection; slide switch conveniently located for one hand operation.


Specifications of the Makita DGA454Z Battery Type: Lithium-ion Body only machine; voltage: 18 v; bore diameter: 22.23 mm; max wheel thickness: 6 mm; noise sound pressure: 79 dB(A); noise K factor: 3 dB(A); max wheel diameter: 115 mm; no load speed: 8,500 rpm; vibration K factor: 1.5 m/sec; vibration: surface grinding with anti-vibration; side grip: 6.0 m/sec; vibration: surface grinding: 6.5 m/sec; net weight: 2.5 kg.


Box Contains

1 x Makita DGA454Z Brushless Angle Grinder

4 reviews for Makita DGA454Z LXT Brushless 18 V Angle Grinder Bare Unit, 115 mm

  1. Johnny A

    The button to hold the wheel in place (to change the wheel) works better than the one on my 8 year old Dewalt.

    The Makita has a unique guard that with a push of a button splits it half depending on how much protection you want. Doubt that I will use the full guard but still pretty neat.

  2. vardelda

    I’ve held off getting a battery powered grinder for awhile because I didn’t want to sacrifice power. Once I finally bought this, I realize the flexibility and ease of use outweighs that concern almost all the time. If you do a lot of high impact, static jobs where you’re just sitting there grinding away at your work bench, I might stick with corded model. But for general purposes, definitely worth the upgrade to get the ease and flexibility of cordless.

  3. Jables

    I’ve used a lot of electric grinders and this one can keep up with the best of em. The power switch is a little odd, I’d prefer a trigger style, but that’s just me being nit-picky. Switch is still accessible and I’m very happy overall with the quality of this tool.

  4. UncaWoody

    I make sawdust, not sparks. So, why a ‘side grinder’? All the trick flap wheels, chainsaw blades, cheese graters you ever wanted to use…fit this tool. My favorite accy (at the moment) is the 5″ soft hook pad for the same abrasives you use with your orbital sander. I have never used a more aggressive ‘hog’ sander!

    Battery life is…well, battery life. I get all the time I need out of a 3ah Makita battery. [I don’t use off-brands…not with the brushless tools being stuffed full of propritary electronics] I have yet to run the tool long enough to drain a battery, but have several ‘hog’ sanding sessions of 20-30min at a time, and fresh 3ah’s come back at 2 bars.

    Locking ON switch. Some like…some don’t. I’m golden with it. Requires a dedicated motion of the switch to lock ON, and a tap from any angle to stop.

    Fit, weight and balance are perfect for me and my size 9 hands.

    I ordered my grinder while standing in front of an orange box store employee who swore to me Makita not longer made a cordless 4 1/2-5″ angle grinder with a 5/8″-11 arbor. “They only make these new ones now. You hafta buy their accy’s to fit their new arbor.” I think he was even more miffed when I dropped of the empty box two days later…hehe.

    Great buy, and has become one of my go-to tools.

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