LG Tone Free FP8W




Tone Free FP8W has a fixed case that cleans the earplugs with UV rays after use – and kills 99.9 percent of all bacteria, if we are to believe the manufacturer.


Battery life is stated at an impressive 24 hours from the earplugs themselves and an extra 15 hours from the case if the active noise reduction is turned off. When turned on, the battery life drops to ten and six hours, respectively, which is still more than respectable.


In the app, you can select two-step noise reduction or ambient sound, or you can turn it off entirely. Ambient sound mode gives – quite surprisingly – lower sound leven on the music. The very best sound, with firm and fine dynamics, you get if both are turned off.


Noise attenuation at the highest level provides slightly ugly digital artifacts around the noise floor, which are thankfully less audible when playing music. But set the noise reduction to Low if you want to hear as little of it as possible.


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