Leisure Outdoor Swing Stand with Chair Full Set for Garden Yard Gario Child Hanging

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Important information:

– Frame dimension (LxWxH): 85 x 88 x 165 cm

– Armchair dimension (LxWxH): approx 82 x 60 x 56 cm

– Distance from seat to floor: 70 cm

– Distance from top bar to seat: 95 cm

– Metal tubes about 32 mm

– Frame material: stainless steel

– Seat material cover: 100% 600D Oxford nylon

– Net weight:7.5 kg

– Load capacity: max. 80 kg

– Colour (frame / chair): as the picture show

– New & Sealed



Product Features:

– Versatility

– Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

– Incl. hanging chair of excellent quality

– Secure, stable stand

– Compact size

– Fast assembly / dismantling



Package includes:

1 x frame with mounting accessories for self-assembly

1 x swing Safety,Stable for Children, Adult, Max Loading 80KGG

Enough Capacity:Distance from seat to floor: 70 cm, Distance from top bar to seat: 95 cm,Metal tubes about 32 mm

Easy to Stall and Store | Load capacity: max. 80 kg | Total weight 7.5 KG | Easy to transport

Strong Material: seat cover is made of strong, durable, resistant 100% 600D Oxford-Nylon | The iron frame ensures a secure and stable stand

The detachable hanging rocking chair can be suitably placed indoors and outside, in the garden or on the terrace. Due to its compact size, you need just a little space to relax comfortaLeisure Outdoor Swing Stand with Chair Full Set for Garden Yard Gario Child Hangingbly.armchair

Item Weight:7.5Kg

3 reviews for Leisure Outdoor Swing Stand with Chair Full Set for Garden Yard Gario Child Hanging

  1. Lisa R. Garrett

    I am 56 years old, I put this together by myself! I didn’t pay attention to the first time when I put the first one together, but fixed my mistake. The second one was easier because I knew not what to do. I got a tent swing for my kids and they LOVE it. It is sturdy and moves easily. It is on my back deck and has held up under the elements, i highly recommend!

  2. Rob

    This hammock/chair hanger exceeded expectations. It’s made from heavy steel with a very nice finish. It comes in 4 pieces–two are the legs, two make up the C-shaped arm. The legs bolt together and through the bottom portion of the arm with two large bolts. The upper part of the arm bolts to the bottom part with two shorter stout bolts. It comes with the tools necessary to assemble, and it takes only a few minutes from start to finish. The clip that you hang your hammock/chair to does not swivel, but if that’s a desirable feature, it is not difficult to add a swivel clip if you want (we did). Once assembly is complete, it seems quite study and balanced. There are optional holes in the 4 ends of the base that you could use to bolt this to a floor if you want, but for now, we are keeping it unbolted unless it turns out to be unstable. I doubt that there will be any problems with stability, but a nice option.

  3. notNylon!

    The base is proud, so if you fall on it: ouch.

    The upright part comes in two pieces and two uses threaded fasteners to keep it from lifting out. One fastener went in without any problems w/ the included Allen wrench. The second… IDK if it was drill offset or the tapping was a bit wonky, but I couldn’t get it home without a cheater pipe. I tried finding the thread by hand, but no luck. I completely chowdered the threads and had to gronk on it a fair bit. It’s holding just fine, and the force is downwards–the fastener is not carrying it.

    Overall, it’s a big, sturdy stand. Get your muscles out to move it.

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