Instep Bike Trailer for Toddlers, Kids, Single and Double Seat, 2-In-1 Canopy Carrier, Multiple Color

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There’s no end to the versatile experiences awaiting you with an InStep trailer. Whatever you can think of is possible with InStep. Your next adventure is just a ride away. Take your child along for the ride with the InStep Sync single tow-behind bike trailer carrier. 16-inch pneumatic tires with molded rims provide performance, safety, and timeless style. A five-point harness and safety flag ensure your riders are protected. The folding-frame design and quick-release wheel make for quick and easy assembly, storage, and transport. Designed to protect your child from the elements, a 2-in-1 canopy features both a bug screen and a weather shield with rear vent window. This tow-behind child carrier fits most bike styles, thanks to a versatile bike coupler. The maximum weight limit is 40 pounds with an additional 12 pounds in the rear-seat storage area. Some assembly is required

4 reviews for Instep Bike Trailer for Toddlers, Kids, Single and Double Seat, 2-In-1 Canopy Carrier, Multiple Color

  1. Don Kirkpatrick

    I’m just going to review the stroller side since we haven’t hooked it up to a bike yet. MY SON LOVES THIS THING. Please save us. He asks for his “baby car” every day. We were going to use the excuse that it doesn’t work in snow. He knows that’s BS. It rolls over snow and rocks like it rolls over everything else – smooth and beautifully. So it’s 20 degrees this winter and I’m still taking this sucker over hills and mountainous terrain (we live near Breckenridge, Colorado) and the only thing that’s changed is now I have to wear spikes on my shoes. HOW DOES IT ROLL SO WELL?? Absolutely worthwhile purchase. Wish we bought it when our oldest was younger so we could have been using it all along.

  2. Mr.EasyCakes

    I don’t know why some people complain about the running handle bar attachment. Simple, detach it, and store it, takes all of 30 seconds…onto the review! Loved this color because it matched my bike. My two daughters, both 35lbs each roughly, enjoyed their time and it felt sturdy with them both being in it along with extra snacks, equipment, etc. plenty of space for both of them, their entertainment and plenty of “window” space to view everything around them 360 degrees! Wasn’t heavy at all while I’m out biking and rides smooth with all maneuvers and turns i did. Folds and unfolds very easily for quick storage into the car. To me, it was worth the purchase!

  3. Zionaka

    I am currently training for a triathlon, but I have a 4 yr old and 2 yr old. My husband is also in the Marine Corps, so he is gone alot for training. Since he is gone for months at a time I chose to get this stroller so I can run and bike with the kids. While hunting around for reviews I could not find very many about how it did as a jogging stroller, so I felt it important to make review for how it is to run with it. I also included a video so you can see first hand how kids fit in it, and the features. My kids are tall for their age, and they slouched down into the seat yet said they were very comfortable. In fact they were so comfortable that after a 2+ mile run they wanted me to keep going!

  4. Marcelo

    So here is my full review for this stroller/trailer:

    Putting it together with kids “trying” to help was very easy.
    It DOES NOT fit through normal door ways so be warned about this! If you don’t have the kids in it though you can turn it on it’s side and it easily fits, yeah I had to do that haha
    Very comfortable, pockets on the sides for the kids things also nice amount for leg room.
    Someone said it tips when the kids are in it, no it does not. I even tried to tip it to see if they were right, it DOES NOT tip over!
    When you get it it will need air in the tires, like someone else said in a review. They have some air, just enough. In fact we walked with it to the as station to get air, and once it had air it was an extremely smooth ride.
    My kids together weigh almost 70 lbs, and I had no trouble pushing them while running.
    The handle bar is adjustable, very easy to adjust or even take off for bike rides.

    I highly recommend this stroller/trailer for anyone wanting to use it for walks, runs, rides, trips, etc. My kids love it so much I can’t keep them out of it!
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