Great Northern 10 oz Perfect Popper Countertop Style Popcorn Machine Black

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►Deluxe model with 3 control switches instead of 2 switches and 850 watts instead of 640

►Switches include: spot light warmer, stirrer and pot heater; Heated Warming Deck

►Built-in warmer light; Popcorn scoop is included; Reject kernel tray Kernel and oil scoop included

9 reviews for Great Northern 10 oz Perfect Popper Countertop Style Popcorn Machine Black

  1. Sissybug57

    I love this machine with one exception. Regardless of temperature I cannot get my waffles to be crispy. They are cooked and very delicious but but soft. . Absolutely perfect!

  2. Monique

    We made vegan waffles with spelt & buckwheat and some regular white flour ones too! Came out perfect! I didn’t use oil in the spelt ones either. My 12yr old made them. Absolutely perfect!

  3. Jennifer Coopman

    Bought this a while ago, after many uses and even packing it for vacation to the cabin, so working great! Like all waffle irons, not so fun to clean, though. Non- stock surface makes it easier, but the nature of the waffle pattern just makes it hard to clean.

  4. Josh

    A bit hard to judge on timing. The ready indicator usually is a bit early but overall good.

  5. Marcelo

    My daughter made waffles with this and they tasted great. Easy to use. But it won’t come apart to wash it. I’m not sure how I’ll keep it clean.

  6. Marcelo

    Perfect little device makes Liégeois waffles easy – well, relatively easy. I still had to make the batter.

  7. Don Kirkpatrick

    Delicious WAFFLES! Easy to use and clean 🙂 Omelettes, corn dogs, RAMEN!!! This does it ALL! Its not the 200 dollar one… but man, this is a dandy!

  8. Little John

    I’ve made waffles for 45 years now. Growing up it was Bisquick on my folks’ standard waffle iron, and with that we always sprayed the iron. On my own, and then with my wife of 26 years, it’s been scratch waffles–originally wheat-based, now gluten- and dairy-free (a fantastic recipe, by the way, that no gluten-or-dairy-eater will detect!). In the scratch waffles, we’ve always included butter (1/4 c in the current recipe). This completely eliminated the need for any spray–making cooking easier and avoiding any buildup on the classic Toastmaster iron we’ve used for ~34y (it still works great; we just wanted more capacity for guests). The butter-in-the-batter approach (and recipe) work perfectly on the Bella iron.

    As for performance, it went from a cold kitchen (63° , 17.2° C) to ready-light illuminated (on the darkest setting) in 3min 4s. I then wait ~10s to flip it. The ready light illuminated after 3min 12s of cooking. I wait until 4min 30s to get it extra dark (see photo). (And note in the picture, the oblong “spots” you see throughout are pumpkin seeds that I sprinkle on the iron before adding the batter. I add them, then close the lid for 10-15s to let them toast a bit, and then pour the batter over them.) Reheat time between batches is very quick. (I didn’t time it, but it was so fast that I ended up turning the iron off between batches so I could enjoy one before cooking another!)

    As for design, I think that’s what compelled me to write this review. They’ve covered the bases in my opinion. Storage volume: 14″ (35.6cm) long, 4.5″ (11.4cm) wide, 8.75″ (22.2cm) high (with handle down, and including where cord sticks out ~1″ (2.5cm). The drip plate is smartly held in place by the 4 little ribs (see photo) that secure it in place on the base. It does a great job of catching drips–which I tend to have because I want a full waffle :)–see photos. For storage, the drip plate slides into 2 groove on the sides, and one in the base (see photos). The waffles measure 6.5″ (16.8cm) across, and approx 7/8″ (2.2cm) thick. Mine are crispy on the outside and tender inside. The first iron we bought in our quest for more capacity (the Hamilton Beach Belgian Style Waffle Maker – 26025) was a cleanup disaster!!! We did one batch, and after spending 40 or more min cleaning it up–I added too much batter–I immediately returned it. If I overfill the Bella, it simply bubbles out the side and drips on the drip plate. And whatever is left on the outside of the grill itself–which is hot–just cooks and then comes off cleanly. Fantastic!! After use, I brushed off a few crumbs, let it cool, washed the drip plate, and put it away!

    Last word: if you’re in a quandary regarding classic/traditional vs. Belgian, if you like them on the darker side, the former will give you a waffle that’s crisper throughout–the center of the Belgian will be softer. But the Belgian is still nicely crisp outside. And don’t be fooled by the size: the Belgian uses ~50% more batter per waffle than our 7″ Toastmaster classic iron. So it takes fewer waffles to call it a meal (which also shortens the overall process)

  9. Marion

    Although this is a very inexpensive waffle iron, it does a great job. I like that it has a removable tray that catches any overflow batter. It also has a temperature control so you can make the waffles as crispy as you like them.
    good buy easy to use perfect waffles glad I bought
    This thing is so great! And the recipe it comes with is DELISH. Easy to use and the waffles are perfect.
    If you make waffles more than once a week get a heavy duty, higher priced griddle. However, if you only make waffles about once a month, this is the waffle iron for you. It’s light weight, easy to store and a good value.

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