Geepas 38L Mini Oven Cooker Grill & Rotisserie With Electric Hob Double Hotplate




TEMPERATURE CONTROL – For cooking your dishes according to the recipe, you can select the desired temperature using a special regulator, which is located to the right of the door of this small oven. You can change the temperature from 100 degrees to 230.






DOUBLE GLASS DOOR – Thanks to the double-layered glass you can watch how your dish is prepared. The glass is also made in order to keep the heat inside and so that it does not go away. After cooking, the dish will be hot for at least two hours.






38L CAPACITY – In this oven cooker, you can bake a whole chicken or other nutritious dishes. The volume of the oven also allows you to arrange at the same time both the grill and the tray, on which there will be two different dishes. Despite such a roomy volume, the size of the device is quite small and will fit into any kitchen.






5 ACCESSORIES INCLUDED – The set of electric oven includes bake tray 1 pc, wire rack 1 pc, tray handle 1 pc, crumb tray 1 pc and rotisserie 1 set. You do not need to buy additional components for baking or reheating of delicious dishes. All these accessories are easy to install, remove and wash.






ROTISSERIE FUNCTION – With this mini oven, you have the unique opportunity to taste delicious meat from the fire, while at home. The kit with the device includes special accessories for rotisserie cooking. All you need to do to get a delicious chicken or steak is to string the meat on a long hardcore and place it in this mini grill.




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