Garmin Dash Cam Tandem, Front and Rear Dual-lens Dash Camera With Interior Night Vision, Two 180-degree Lenses, Front-Facing Lens with 1440p, Interior-Facing Lens with 720p

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Garmin – Tandem Front and Rear Camera Dash Cam

Garmin – Tandem Front and Rear Camera Dash Cam



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Connectivity technologiesBluetooth, Wi-Fi

Special Feature180° Field of View; Built-in GPS and Galileo Sensors; Dash Cam Auto Sync; Clarity HDR

Video Capture Resolution720p

Whats in the box

Garmin Dash Cam Tandem; microSD™ card; Low-profile magnetic mount; 4m power cable; 1.5m USB cable; Dual USB power adapter; DocumentationGarmin Dash Cam Tandem; microSD™ card; Low-profile magnetic mount; 4m power cable; 1.5m U…

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Control MethodVoice

Product Dimensions0.9″D x 2.2″W x 1.6″H

Weight0.14 Pounds

Screen Size2 Inches

7 reviews for Garmin Dash Cam Tandem, Front and Rear Dual-lens Dash Camera With Interior Night Vision, Two 180-degree Lenses, Front-Facing Lens with 1440p, Interior-Facing Lens with 720p

  1. garvinsrock

    Can’t say much for the longevity, but if is like the other 3 I’ve had, it’s not a problem. This is what I’ve been looking for. Hi resolution front camera, and 180 degree. And a rear camera with infared, and 720p (not my first choice). This camera works well with the drive app, although I find it easier to just hook it to my computer. I bought a nextbase (HUGE mistake), after hearing recordings from it, the Garmin microphone is much better and distorts some with the windows down. The only downside is there is no screen, but it’s not the biggest deal, it beeps when you say a command, and you can get on the app and do everything from there. I bought the suction cup mount to make it easier to switch between vehicles. It’s actually quite impressive that Garmin packs all of this in such a small package, the nextbase camera is huge and does less than this one does. Another thing to note about this camera is that there is no collision warning, lane departure warning, and speed trap/red light camera warnings on this one, which isn’t a big deal to me after the addition to all of the speed traps and such to Google maps. This works well with my keyocera (low model Android) phone when connected to Bluetooth and Android auto. I’ve been waiting for a camera like this for years now, and I can only hope that Garmin makes a camera that can mount to the exterior of the vehicle in the future, and have it link thru the Garmin drive app, weither it be wired or wireless I don’t really care. For anyone that is wondering, I have a 2011 Chevy 3500 pickup for personal, and a 2013 Ford F550 cab chassis truck with a body that will not allow a view out of the back window(company owned). That is why I would like an external camera. I use this camera between the two trucks. This is the best camera money can buy, do not waste your time with anything else. Garmin may time some time to catch up, but when they do, they knock it out of the park!

  2. Marcelo

    I spent hours looking for dash cams and I was looking for one that is able to record outside and inside as well one for the rear window. I thought I was going to have to buy 3 separate high end cameras with good quality picture. But I was fortunate to come across the Garmin Tandem so now I only need 2. Both cameras record 180 degrees and the cabin facing camera works great at night. This is honestly a must have dash cam. Pretty pricy but it’s the best investment in my opinion. I will be buying the Garmin dash cam mini 2 for my rear window. I may be a little paranoid but I’m sure you would be too if you had a brand new 2021 Challenger.

  3. Jesse S

    I looked up the product and saw some false bad reviews on Best Buy. It’s a great product with pros and cons, but false information is still false.

    One said you can’t remove the camera after mounted because of the adhesive, but you can. It’s a magnet holding it on. Just pull.

    Another said you can’t watch live feed, but you can from a smart phone as long as the smart phone has data, albeit it takes a minute to connect.

    As for the parking mode, you don’t need to hardwire. Simply use a OBD-ii to Micro USB. The OBD-ii port on the vehicle is the same port used to plug a diagnostic test in, very easy to find and just plug it in. Or you can use a power bank. I bought an AUKEY 30000 MAH Power Bank and it’s great. I ordered the OBD-ii to Micro USB and will switch to that once it arrives.

  4. nemesis

    Had this product installed on my son’s vehicle. Unfortunately, he got into a minor but an expensive accident. The camera recorded everything prior and subsequent to the event. Really glad I got it, and planning to get one more for my daughter when she starts driving.

  5. Biraj Parikh

    I like Garmin so when I got this dash cam I knew it would be a good one and it is! The set up was extremely easy. It didn’t make me have to install a rear camera, instead the interior view shows the inside and what may have happened behind or on the side of you. Such a great camera!

  6. Ammu Vadlakonda

    This is by far the best dual dash cam I’ve owned. The video and audio quality is amazing. The night vision is pretty good as well. I really like how easily the camera can be moved between multiple vehicles. I use it in my personal car as well as my work truck. It works very well with the Garmin drive app.

  7. Mike MacQueen

    I put the camera in my Lyft/Uber car and I feel comfortable that everything is being recorded. I installed the largest suggested memory card so I don’t have to worry about it very often. I also really like the live viewing although there is a slight delay in converting the camera video to visual video. I am considering ordering a 2nd camera for my personal vehicles as well.

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