Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with LED Display, 20000Pa Stick Vacuum 4 in 1, Lightweight, Up to 30 Minutes Runtime, with HEPA Filter for Hardwood Floor Carpet, Pet Hair, Best Gift for Your Family, W200

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20Kpa SUCTION CAN EVEN SUCK UP YOUR PHONE】: PRETTYCARE stick vacuum cleaner cordless with 20000Pa Hurricane suction almost reaches the suction of a traditional canister vacuum. Eliminates dirt, debris, pet hair, and tough messes with ease. Leaves no dirt behind(HEPA is washable and recyclable)

【WIDELY APPLICABLE TWO MODES& LONG-LASTING BATTERY】:PRETTYCARE cordless vacuum stick provides 30 minutes runtime in 11000Pa and 20 minutes in 20000PA, ensures thorough one-time cleaning of 180㎡ (1 937.50 sq ft) house,2 adjustable modes adapt to different situations and allow full use of the battery

【ULTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT & CONVENIENT CORDLESS USING】: battery powered cordless vacuum cleaner’s main body’s weight is less than 4 bottles of 330ml cola, User-friendly for most ages. It can be used for people with some back problems, extremely suitable for long-term one hand cleaning.the 180° rotatable floor brush enables you to easily clean the blind corners under furniture. Ergonomic handle makes cleaning easy. “One-Click Dust Dumping” design makes emptying simple

【EXCELLENT FILTER SYSTEM & LED MOTORIZED FLOOR HEAD】:PRETTYCARE stick vacuum wood floor filter system uses a stainless steel filter, filter holes precision and small. Service life is twice longer than traditional filtration system, It provides the ultimate purified air and excellent cleaning experience for every user. HEPA is washable and recyclable

【COST-EFFECTIVE VACUUM & CONVENIENT STORAGE】: Lightweight home broom vacuum cleaner’s main machine weights only 3.3lb which can be equipped with different attachments for different tasks. With an ergonomic handle, people can hold the machine to finish cleaning, This lightweight cordless vacuum must be a great gift for your family or friends who have pets or naughty Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with LED Display, 20000Pa Stick Vacuum 4 in 1, Lightweight, Up to 30 Minutes Runtime, with HEPA Filter for Hardwood Floor Carpet, Pet Hair, Best Gift for Your Family, W200

5 reviews for Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with LED Display, 20000Pa Stick Vacuum 4 in 1, Lightweight, Up to 30 Minutes Runtime, with HEPA Filter for Hardwood Floor Carpet, Pet Hair, Best Gift for Your Family, W200

  1. Marcelo

    I use this product to vacuum my bedroom and living room floors and also my car and I have to say that it is a great little vacuum for doing all of that. It is the first vacuum I was able to find that actually was able to vacuum my car. I have a Shop Vac that did not do the job nearly as well. So, for vacuuming I would give this vacuum 5 stars.

    But if you would like to be able to switch parts and take parts off and on, this vacuum is seriously lacking. I had no problem in attaching the metal tube to the vacuum. It clicked right into place, but when I went to remove the tube it would not come off by pressing the release button. Also, the metal tube comes in its shortened position. I was able to extend it to its full length but when I shortened it again, it would not extend anymore. I attached it to the vacuum and was not able then to get the tube off by pressing the release button. I was only able to get it off by pressing the release button and then using a screwdriver on the top part of the button to raise it more and thereby pressing down the front part of the release button more. I had to keep my finger on it and press as hard as I could and then forcefully remove the metal tube. After I removed it I tried attaching the tube to the vacuum but without making it click into place and by doing that, the tube will then come off when I try to take it off. Of course it also can fall off while you are using it, but I was, at least, able to vacuum this way. When I had the tube off, I shortened it all the way and then was unable to lengthen it anymore. Also, the brush that attaches to the metal tube would not detach from the tube and I wound up putting so much pressure on the release button that it broke. So now the brush will go on the tube but it is not attached so I have to be careful to make sure that it stays on while vacuuming, but at least when I want to take it off it comes off. So now I use this vacuum that vacuums wonderfully with attachments that I make sure don’t actually attach to the vacuum and I must use it in its shortest condition as it will not extend anymore.

    Update: I have been using this vacuum and I have to say as a vacuum I think it is great. It works wonderfully. I have been trying to find one that would be able to vacuum my car and after many attempts with other brands I finally found one that works. It also works very well in the house too, but as mentioned earlier I did have trouble with disconnecting the metal tube from the vacuum. I was able to contact the seller and I have to say that they did a wonderful job in trying to compensate me for this problem. I have never seen such great customer service. I have been fully compensated for the problem that I had with this vacuum. I would recommend Prettycare as a great company to buy from. If for some reason there is a problem they will definitely take care of it

  2. Biraj Parikh

    Love the lightweight and maneuverability, however, after just a few months (3-4) I’m very disappointed how long the battery holds its charge. (Less than 10 min of vacuuming. ) wouldn’t recommend.

  3. Ammu Vadlakonda

    This small/compact vacuum is a great tool to quickly spot clean around the house. It is very lightweight and easy to maneuver, empty and remove the filter to clean (wash out). It comes with the attachments (pictured), a extra filter and a wall hanger. One thing I like is all attachments can be attached to the handle unit without the extension rod. They also attach to the rod. The extension is telescoping, from appx 12″ to 24″. The crevice tool is appx 10″ and brush appx. 6″ (see pic). The actual beater bar is appx 9.5″ (see pic) and has a bright light (helpful). The vacuum has two speeds, low/high. At low, I was able to sweep up general dust/debris in my home office (I have dogs and it picked up all the dog hair at low speed). At low speed, the battery discharges slowly and you can get a lot done (note: I really like the battery % display – good info to have). On high, the battery discharged 1% every 17 seconds, so according to my calculations, that would give you about (if my math is right) 1700 seconds (100 * 17) or about 28 minutes (1700/60) on high speed. For me, that’s a fair amount of time. The charging rate was about 26% a half-hour (standard outlet as pictured), so I figure about two hours to recharge to 100%. All this works for me as I dislike cords and it’s a handy lightweight tool that will be good for lighter home and auto uses. One improvement would be if it came with a bag to store the attachments and cord when not charging. You will have to sort that out yourself.

  4. PELUMI Babalola

    I have major back issues and needed something better than a broom and dustpan to clean my hard floors. Assembly of this vacuum was easy and the maneuverability: awesome! My complaint is that I used it for the first time and not even five minutes in, the brush roller fell out! I powered off the vacuum and spent a few minutes trying to put the brush roll back in place. Finally I succeeded and proceeded to vacuum the rest of my floors: the brush roller fell out AGAIN! I want to say the suction is deceiving. It has a weak sound, but it did a great job picking up dust, dirt and debris off my floors and my entry-way rug. The battery time was great for me on the normal setting! My major complaint truly is that the brush roller fell out twice upon my first use. I’m going to keep it and use it again this weekend. If the brush roller falls out again, I’m returning this equipment and will pay a bit more for a sturdier product. With my back issues, I don’t feel like continuously stopping and bending over to replace a part. I’ll update my review after I use the vacuum the second time.

  5. Silva Brown

    This is very bad itam, i was return it,,

    • admin

      Sorry sir and you was get money back

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