AirMyFun Inflatable Bounce House,Bouncy Castle with Air Blower,Bouncy House for Kids Party,Play House,Jumping Castle with Carry Bag(Monster Theme)

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Features & details

【Bouncer Safety Design】 The jumping area is surrounded by mesh walls to ensure the safety of children while playing and allow for maximum ventilation.

【Bouncer House Interesting】We have Ball pit where kids can experience the fun of pitching.

【Easy to install and disassemble】Easy set up and take down; inflates in less than 3 minute;glue nails that can be firmly fastened to the ground.

【Suitable Capacity】Our inflatable bouncer suit for ages 3 to 12 years old.Maximum total weight:155 lbs.Suitable for 2~3 children to play.

【Premium Materials】Using double to four stitches sewing technology, made of high quality Oxford material, wear resistant and puncture proof.

3 reviews for AirMyFun Inflatable Bounce House,Bouncy Castle with Air Blower,Bouncy House for Kids Party,Play House,Jumping Castle with Carry Bag(Monster Theme)

  1. Don Kirkpatrick

    We bought this for my little boys 3rd birthday and have enjoyed it tremendously! Easily fits 5 kids at one time! I’m ~200 lbs and I get in there with him, but only hop around on all fours….. don’t want to risk tearing a seam as it’s only rated for 100 lb max per person. We take it out about 3 times per week and I have set it up in the driveway and garage without any issues. I put cushioned mats around the entrance and slide exit and I anchor it down with some homemade concrete/rebar anchors to keep it from blowing away. I also put a tarp underneath it seeing as it’s being used on concrete and don’t wat the bottom to wear to quickly.

    Now for the product itself:
    All seams that will take impact from jumping/sliding are double stitched and they are very strong. The columns and cross beams are single stiched at most points because they aren’t being jumped on. The fabric itself is a heavy canvas that I don’t see wearing or tearing anytime soon. The mesh screen that holds the kids in can also take a hit as several kids jumped into it and were tossed back. The handles to climb up to the slide have at least two layers of cavas behind them to prevent tearing. Even the slide itself has an additional layer of canvas velcroed on as a top layer to take the wear and tear so that I’m assuming it can be replaced in the long run. The cover is also fantastic as I live in the south and the summer is upon us. The basketball goal is a gimic, and most of the time the kids just throw it over the beam and I gotta go fetch the balls. The blower motor that comes with it is strong as well. Be sure that you hit the reset button on the GFCI plug after plugging it in, otherwise it won’t allow power to the motor. I haven’t measured but the cord is approximately 15-20 feet long or so and it recommends you plug directly into a power outlet and don’t use an extension cord. It also comes with 2 large patches I believe, but those are still in the bag and I don’t think I’ll be needing them.

    The interior jump area is as quoted, PLENTY of room for 3-7 years olds, like we had at his party, to jump around and go up/down the slide. The slide was a lot of fun for the kids as well… there was always someone sliding down it or trying to climb back up. Overall they stayed in there for about 3 hours only taking breaks to eat and drink.

    Setup and Take Down:
    It takes about 2 minutes to carry it out, unfold it, and inflate it (40 seconds to fully inflated once the motor is turned on). I set the anchors up in another couple of minutes and it’s ready to go.

    After they’re all done jumping I turn off the motor and disconnect the inflation tube and he and I walk around on it to help it deflate (no shoes). This step is the longest part to take down. (they say you need only disconnect the blower and it’ll deflate on its own. I tried that once and 10 minutes later I was out there walking around on it. I then fold it up as per the instructions (I wrap mine up in the tarp in the tarp I put under it). After having folded it up from the sides in it has formed a rectangle. I start rolling it up from the oppisite end of the inflation tube. Roll slowly to get the remaining air out of the bounce house. Takedown takes between 5 and 10 minutes depending on wether or not I have help.

  2. Vinh V. Tran

    Did a ton of research before buying this bounce house. We have 3, 8 and 10 year old kids and wanted something that would keep them all entertained and hold up to big kids big movements. This bounce house does not disappoint.

  3. Jesse S

    We bought this for my daughter’s 5th birthday party, over 3 years ago! We’ve used at least once a week ever since and for several more birthday parties. It’s always a hit and super easy to setup and store. It’s much bigger than ones I’ve seen in stores. My daughter is 8 now and it can still easily hold her and her 4year old brother and several of their friends. I tell everyone it’s the best money I’ve spent on a gif for the kids.

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