26.8″ H x 38.6″ W x 25.6″ D Lofland Pet Crate

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Our furniture dog crate not only a comfortable and stable resting environment for dogs, but also an end table for living room, family room, bedroom.

Constructed of solid and waterproof engineered wood, the entire dog crate more durable, easy to clean. The three-sided mesh and two lockable doors are designed for easy access and feeding of pets and to ensure air circulation. And the side door can be installed on the left or right as needed.

The raised pet cage is comes with 4 adjustable feet to remain stable on uneven ground while keeping the dog house comfortable and dry.



Furniture style makes it a both end table and dog crate

A great addition to living room, family room and bedroom

Solid engineered wood is stable and waterproof for easy maintaining

High load-bearing top for daily items and decorations

Three-sided iron mesh maintains good air circulation

Hinged doors with latch can be firmly closed to ensure safety

Removable stainless steel tray is easy to collect dirt and clean

4 adjustable pads protect the floor and keep overall stability



Color: Rustic Brown

Material: Engineered Wood, Stainless Steel, Steel

Product Dimensions: 27 x 18.5 x 24 inch (L x W x H)

Net Weight: 34 lbs

Maximum Weight: 110 lbs

5 reviews for 26.8″ H x 38.6″ W x 25.6″ D Lofland Pet Crate

  1. Mike MacQueen

    I don’t really need to say that much. The picture speaks for itself. LOLO for real though this carrier is a lot nicer than I thought it would be. It’s very sturdy enough to hold my fattest of cats and it gives them room to move around then so they don’t feel trapped I really like the breathable sides as well just so they’re getting very good circulation. I bought four of these because my rescue cats and I’m always needing carriers that don’t take up a ton of space and these you can fold it down when you are done using them. And as an added plus cats all of them I took my cat to the vet and I left the carrier out on the floor open next thing I know I have two cats in the carrier and one cat on top of the carrier, they love to play with it which is awesome because they are not scared of that and they do not associate it with going to the vet so I leave it out for a couple days until they get preoccupied with some thing else but they spent hours and hours playing on it. It was really cute , I do highly suggest these carriers I like how you can open and unzip from the top or from the front also, they are very secure. Your cat is not going to get out of this carrier. I really didn’t use cloth carriers very often but I have found they are much easier to work with especially in rescue , you can definitely fit a whole litter of kittens in one of these. I always add a nice soft cloth or blanket for the kitties. I would suggest to do the same because the bottom is not super soft but I definitely give it five stars I think the price point is fair , and if you’re looking for something that’s durable these to hold up I have had feral cats freak out in these carriers and they stayed in perfect condition which is saying a lot if you’ve ever seen a feral freak out lol go ahead and buy it your cattle. Love you for it. Leave it out for a toy , I highly recommend that that because they associate the carrier with play and not with something awful like the vet. Great buys very roomy and easy and quick to get open and shut from the top or side zipper!

  2. Don Kirkpatrick

    I bought this in a hurry when going to adopt our two semi-feral kittens. It was perfect for holding them on the ride home! Now that they are getting above the 5lb range, it’s a bit too snug to put them in here together. So, I went shopping for another option in-stores. I have to say, I like this carrier more than the name brand options I picked out.
    Good ventilation
    Easy top and front zipper access
    Relatively durable (my cats try to claw their way out at first..no snags!)
    Cats like to use it as a bed
    Holds it’s shape well
    Bottom pad is cushioned
    Zipper pocket on the back allows convenient storage for treats, toys, harness and leash, extra potty pads if needing that, etc.

    I’m not sure how sturdy the bottom is when carrying a full sized cat. Having two 5lb kittens in there makes the bottom bow out while carrying it. Nothing unsafe, but the base of the carrier could be more rigid.

    I’m not sure how much I’d trust the mesh unattended. Seems like a dedicated cat could chew itself out?

    Bottom line, I recommend this carrier and might purchase another one! It’s a surprisingly good carrier for the price, and I see lots of folks at the vet in using this carrier, too.

  3. Mr.EasyCakes

    I had one of those old fashioned hard carriers that had lost a couple of those plastic screws that keep it together, so I figured it was time for a new cat carrier. I love this product. It has a nice comfortable washable pad inside. I took my cat to the vet with it and it was easy to carry. At the vet, I opened the zippered flap and let my cat out in the examining room. While waiting for the doctor, my cat actually went back inside after exploring the room! When I got home, I put it on the floor and left the flap open. My other cat actually got inside of it too! Neither cat was scared to get inside on their own! With the old hard carrier, it was a struggle to get them inside.

  4. Ammu Vadlakonda

    I had an appt. for the vet for my cat and needed to get a new carrier. In the past I’ve had the hard-shell case carriers and they’re extremely heavy when you add an animal. I looked on Amazon and ended up getting this carrier. I love it. It is especially nice because my cat (Jerry) can see out all sides, except for the back, and get fresh air. He wasn’t as nervous in this carrier than he had been in the old one. I gave 4 stars for the sturdiness because the bottom isn’t as sturdy as I’d like but it also has a soft material covered piece that fits on the bottom which gives it more support, and it keeps the carrier from being too heavy, which is what I wanted in the first place. It has handles and a strap, I like using the handles better. Jerry is 14 lbs and fit fine. I highly recommend this carrier and would buy it again if I needed another. Great seller too, arrived on

  5. John Johnson

    I used this for the first time to take one of my cats (13 lbs) to a vaccine clinic. It is my first soft carrier, so I was worried about him getting out. I worked on getting him used to a harnes a few weeks before hand so I could secure him to the carrier for peace of mine. It worked out well, so I am happy I bought it. One of my other cats has claimed this as a new bed, but probably not after it’s her turn to leave the house in it… ha ha.

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